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Ongoing Projects:

  1. Innovation in the Pakistani Textile Sector
  2. Nudging SMEs in Pakistan to invest in renewable energy: the role of information provision.
  3. Fixed costs of innovation as barriers to upgrading in the surgical-goods sector in Sialkot
  4. High costs of high-quality inputs as a barrier to upgrading in the football sector in Sialkot
  5. Relationship between firms’ productivity and its export market participation
  6. Heterogeneous Adoption of Knowledge Capital and its impact on the firm’s Performance

Published Projects (2020-2022):

Trading Textiles along the New Silk Route: the impact on Pakistani firms of gaining market access to China

Innovation strategies and productivity growth in developing countries: Firm-level evidence from Pakistani manufacturers

Home-based Enterprises: Experimental Evidence on Female Preferences from Pakistan

Where to Locate? The Correlation Between Spatial Proximity and Location Choice of New Firms: The Case of Pakistan

The Impact of Prenatal Exposure to Ramadan on Child Anthropomorphic Outcomes in Pakistan

Son-biased fertility stopping, birth spacing, and child nutritional status in Pakistan

First integrals of Hamiltonian systems: The inverse problem

It is not power, but how you use it: Experimental evidence on altruism from households in Pakistan

Effects of birth order and son preference on utilization of pre- and post-natal health inputs in Punjab

Gender Gap in Child Nutritional status in Punjab PDR-Title-2 (

First integrals of Hamiltonian systems: The inverse problem (

Project, Surveys and Reports (2020-2022):
  1. Business Confidence Report of Pakistan 2022 (Key Findings)

  2. Business Confidence among Exporting and Importing Firms of Pakistan-2022

  3. Innovation in Automobiles-2022

  4. Innovation in the Exporting and Importing & Non-Exporting in the Automobiles sector firms- 2022

  5. Business Confidence Report and Impact of COVID 19 on Pakistani Businesses 2020/2021

  6. Innovation in the Textile Sector of Lahore (Differences between Exporters and Non- Exporters)-2021

  7. Innovation & Technology in Light Engineering Firms-2020

  8. Innovation & Technology in Exporting and Non-Exporting firms from the Light Engineering Sector in Lahore, Sialkot, Gujrat and Gujranwala-2020

  9. Exporter Survey- 2021

  10. Exporter Survey and Impact of COVID-19 (2020)

  11. The Modelling Lab at the Innovation and Technology Centre (General Equilibrium Macroeconomic Model for the Pakistan Economy)

Published Projects before 2020:

MPhil Theses

Research Projects

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